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Throwback Thursday: Got Milk?

Digging around in my closet I found this…

My thermos circa 1970s. Oh, how I loved this. Imagine I saved this and not my Barbie collection (probably worth a fortune!). I can almost smell the chocolate milk. My favorite part of lunch in those days.

Yes, I was a flower child, and the first girl to wear hip-hugger-bell-bottom-pants in the first grade. Fire engine Red. I’m pretty sure I wore a halter top with it too. #littlehippiefashionista

What have you saved from your youth?

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~Linda the Carpool Goddess
  • Cathy Chester - I have a cameo hand mirror my grandmother gave to me, along with the Kennedy half dollars she’d bring to me and my brothers (saving those babies!).

    Also a bank with 4 sides each, with each side having a different saying , “I’m mad today. I’m happy today. I’m sad today. I’m laughing today.”

    Perhaps now my bank should say, “I’m menopausal today. I’m having hot flashes today. I’m forgetful today. I’m bloated today.”

    Think it will sell?

    Great post.ReplyCancel

  • Beverly Diehl - Aaash, the L O V E signs with the heart for the O.

    I have some ceramics – my best friend’s mother had a kiln, and I have a small ceramic heart box, painted pink, and a Barbie-sized pitcher with a (now) broken handle, that I keep toothpicks in. They were pieces I got to paint and Erica’s mom fired for me.

    I decimated the Barbies I had. A classic Barbie I inherited from my older sister, whose head frequently popped off; likewise a Ken whose left arm kept falling off. Today they could be zombie Barbies. I also had a brand new Midge that I decided to give a shag haircut to.ReplyCancel

  • Sandra Sallin - Oh my goodness, I cant’ remember anything I saved from my youth. That’s terrible. I do have a scrapbook from Junior High school and some old love letters that I must distroy. But wait, I’m thinking, I’m thinking…Nope nothing. I’ll certainy let you know if I finds something. I do have some great memories so maybe they’ll have ot suffice. I do love chocolate milk and I understand the word now is that it’s very heathy for you. How about that?ReplyCancel

  • Emily - Oh wow, very cool. I am a saver, though must of my mementos are in my attic…may have to go digging up there to see what I find. I do know I have autograph books from elementary school, stuffed animals, and trinkets and things that I couldn’t part with.ReplyCancel

    • Carpool Goddess - I wish I would have kept my favorite stuffed animal, but he was washed “accidentally” (I’m still not convinced of this) and all that remained could fill a small sock. Then it was tossed in the trash by an overzealous cleaning lady.ReplyCancel

  • Hayley Kaplan - I have an autograph book with cute poems from friends and a handful of autographs from a famous musical group that I loved when I was a lot younger.ReplyCancel

    • Carpool Goddess - Sweet! I think I still have one of those autograph books too that we used to pass around at birthday parties. So funny.ReplyCancel

  • Christina Simon - That is so fun! You must keep it. I don’t remember anything specific like that, but books were always around.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Chiklis - When I go back to my mother’s house, she still has the ceramics that I painted as a child. My kids find it hard to believe that I painted them. Their dad is not the only one with artistic talent. HAReplyCancel

  • Eli@coachdaddy - I have my Star Wars figures, a few old sports T-shirts my daughters now wear, and my NFL lunchbox. It’s full of Star Wars trading cards. I am inspired by this post to put the cards in something else and take the lunchbox to work.ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - I have one of those “Keypers” toys. You know – the one that locks and you can hide stuff inside?

    Visit Mamamusing – click hereReplyCancel

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