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The 20 Best College Advice Posts: What Every Freshman & Their Parents Should Read Before College

Whether it’s your first child going off to college, or if you’re like us, your last, your head might be swimming with concerns and wondering what it’s really like out there in “college land”. It’s important for parents and their college bound students to be aware so that good choices can be made.

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No need to worry, there are tons of information out there to answer most of your questions or concerns. And remember, the best time for parents to have the all important “talk” with their college bound child about expectations and concerns, is before you pack them up and drop them off. Preferably, when everyone is relaxed and in a good mood. After dorm shopping or ice cream or glass of wine (for mom), always worked well for us. Here are some of the best college advice posts on the web for you to share and discuss:

Dorm Room Shopping & College Drop-Off:

Dorm Room Shopping & Packing Tips ~ Linda Wolff
The College Care Package~ Linda Wolff
The 20 Best Tips For Dropping Your Child Off At College ~ Linda Wolff


Freshman Advice:

How To Succeed In College: New Advice & Insights ~ Rahim Kanani
Starting College: A Guide For Parents ~ Marshall P. Duke
Ten Suggestions for Incoming Freshmen ~ Daniel R. Schwarz
What Makes A Positive College Experience? ~ Tamar Lewin

Friends & Roommates:

How to Make New Friends in College ~
Relationship Advice for Roommates ~ Kinne Chapin

Getting Into College:

Our Crazy College Crossroads ~ Frank Bruni
Stop Worrying About Your Child Getting Into College. Worry About What Happens Next. ~ Maria Kefalas

Health & Safety:

Alcohol, Peer Pressure, and Going Off to College~ Talking Teenage
Back to College Safety Tips for Students ~ The Kirkland Patch Staff
Having “The Talk” Before Your Child Leaves For College ~ Linda Wolff
Sending Your Child Off To College? Have You Had The “Mental Health” Talk Yet? ~Nancy Wolf
Tips For Staying Healthy In College & Avoiding The Freshman 15 ~ Emily Driscoll

Letting Our Kids Go:

Beginning Or Ending? When Our Kids go Off To College ~ Madeline Levine
After The Children Have Gone ~ Madeline Levine

Study Abroad:

Should Your College Student Study Abroad? ~ Jennifer Powell-Lunder


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  • Rachel Gogos - Another good site is, a comprehensive web app, and a very helpful resource to help your high school or college student figure out their major, clean up their online reputation, build their brand online and land an internship or job. ReplyCancel

  • Road2College - Please consider including Nancy Wolf’s post “Have you had the mental health talk yet? Most mental illnesses or issues emerge during the ages of 18 – 24 and it’s no coincidence that going to college is at the same time. Be just as open with your child about mental health as you might be about their physical health. Having this type of talk might make a student more aware of symptoms and more open to seeking help.


  • KnowsyMoms - Great list! We were not around when you wrote this, but would love it if you could add to your list! We are all about helping parents and students find that balance that is so desperately needed as we try to let go and stay connected at the same time.ReplyCancel

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