Memorial Day Weekend Roundup: Let The Fun Begin

It’s been a busy week my friends. Summer has officially started in our home now that Mini-Me has finished her first year of college (Didn’t we just drop her off??) and my empty nest status is on hiatus until the end of August. Re-entry into “mommy-mode” didn’t take but a day or so for me to slip back into my old ways – like an old pair of fuzzy slippers. There’s noise. There’s action. There’s snuggling.  And I’m loving every minute of it.

We’ve been spending a lot of time here…catching up on our favorite TV shows.

 I also spent a little time in this baby for a fabulous friend’s birthday celebration. I sang (soft enough for others to drown me out for everyone’s benefit) but did not use the pole – I have standards (and apparently so do they – because they didn’t ask me!).

carpool goddess

Here are some of my favorite posts from this week for you to enjoy in between all those fun pool parties and yummy BBQ’s:

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?

Have a fun, safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!


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