10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

When I’m flying on an airplane or waiting for my nails to dry, I reach for trashy tabloids for comfort. I get a kick out of reading US Magazine’s “What’s In My Bag” and “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” as well as their “Fashion Police” section, and thought it would be fun to create my own list. Here’s my version of 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me, as seen in US Magazine. Due to the extremely cerebral nature of the material below, I am only providing you with 10. Information like this should only be doled out in small doses – if at all.

carpool goddess

1. Spanx, good bras, and having my hair straightened were life changers for me.

2. I’m obsessed with pretty, sparkly, brightly colored post-its and notepads. I’m fairly certain there is a nine year old girl trapped inside my body, who is showing no signs of leaving.

3. I listen to 70s disco while I’m driving. There may be a little shoulder bobbing too. If “Dancing Queen” comes on the radio, I just pull over. It’s too hard to do those moves while driving.

4. I’ve been carrying a purse since I was three.

5. You’re only as old as you feel. On the outside I might be 40+, but on the inside I’m still 25, except for a few squeaky moving parts.

6. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher, a lawyer, a writer, a camp counselor, and Donna Summer.

7. If you invite me to your Halloween party, you don’t need to tell me twice to come in costume. I live for this holiday. (Officer Naughty, Pirate’s Wench, Sassy Scrabble Board…you get my drift?)

8. The house could be burning down and I’d still stop to put on lipstick and cute shoes before running out the door. There could be firemen, just sayin’.

9. I no longer have children living under my roof, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hangout in carpool lane. That’s not weird, right?

10. When I was little I insisted on pushing my own market basket as I followed my mom around the grocery store – oh, the junk I would put in there – I still get such pleasure.

There, that’s it. I’ll give you a few minutes to let all that fabulousness sink in.


now you’re ready to move on.



  1. Mary Bird Lanzavecchia says

    Snort, snort! This made me laugh out loud (in the not so pretty snorting way) this morning, Linda Maltz Wolff, and that’s always a great way to greet a Wednesday!

  2. Miriam Hendeles says

    Funny list – I too like to hang out with younger moms in carpool lanes and at parties. Maybe it’s weird but that’s me! Btw, Donna Summer was in my Lamaze class 33 years ago when I was expecting my oldest son. She used another name but all of us pregnant moms knew it was DS. :)

  3. says

    Funny! I love these all, especially #3. When I used to do that when my kids were in the car, they were absolutely mortified. Now, it’s just the empty car…and me.

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