10 Little Things I Love About Being A Mom

kids & monopolgy gameParenting is tough stuff.

There are sleepless nights in the beginning, with a brief period of rest during prepubescence, and then sleepless nights again when they’re teenagers.

The young kids think you’re a superhero, and the older kids think you’re only there to ruin their lives. Aside from that, becoming a mom was the best thing I’ve ever done.


10 little things I love about being a mom (and not necessarily in this order):

1. Little toesies– Need I say more?

2. Built in playmates– Of course they’re so cute and fun to hang out with-they’re ours!

3. Playtime– A great excuse to play with Barbies, build forts, play hide-and-seek and KerPlunk. Our all time favorite is Monopoly. We do our own version with lots of clever trading and shaky financing (lots of jail time too).

4. Food– Sometimes nothing hits the spot better than ice cream and Happy Meals (and when I’m really nice, I even share my toy).

5. Inheritance– You need to pass that garage full of stuff onto someone.

6. No application necessary– It’s the one thing I didn’t have to take an exam for or fill out an application.

7. Trick or Treating– It’s no secret in my neighborhood – I like to dress up too. Oh, the thrill when they fill our (ah, their) baskets. I call the Reese’s!

8. Power hungry– I get to say “no” and “because I said so,” because I can. Woo-hoo.

9. TV privileges– If I had a dime for every time we watched High School Musical, I could finally get the Brazilian Blowout for my hair (if you saw my hair, you’d know this was money well spent).  Now we’ve graduated to the Simpsons, Entourage, and Kardashians.

10.Humor– They’re my best audience and they keep me laughing (must be genetic). Guess I’ll keep them around.

11.Education– Ok, sometimes I’ll try reading some of their English Literature books just so they won’t think they’re so much smarter than me and get even cockier. But, going back and forth (it’s like Wimbledon) from the book to the dictionary makes me dizzy and exhausted. In the name of mental health, I just have to stop.

OK, so there were 11. Your math skills are astounding (or at least better than mine). What do you love about being a mom?




  1. says

    A lifetime of new experiences as each new interest they take up takes us down a new path. I have learned about aircraft and glass and baseball and more…all because of my kids. At first we lead, but very soon we follow. Love your list.

  2. says

    It’s wonderful that you enjoy being a mother so much. Those great moments are what keep us going when we want to pull our hair out, aren’t they?

    I love watching my kids become. Just become whatever they are going to be. But mostly, become amazing people.

    • Carpool Goddess says

      Thanks, Missy! Yes, those moments are what keeps me from pulling my hair out! It is exciting to see them grow into themselves :)

  3. says

    Gee, my first thought was I felt complete once I had kids. Now I’ve got grandkids and it’s even better. Just spent a half hour holding my grandson on my lap hugging and kissin him. That’s good.

  4. says

    Love your list. Geez, what would I add? I love that I get to be a kid all over again, but see childhood through their eyes. I love watching them learn something new. I love that they love me! Hopefully that holds true in those teenage years. :)

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