College 101: College And The Empty Nest

After months (and months!) of prepping for the college board exams, writing multiple college essays, and studying for classes, your child has received the Golden Ticket – college acceptance(s).

Off to college
Not everyone gets into their first choice, but, nonetheless, you and your child breathe a sigh of relief because the waiting is over and, most of all, your kid is going to college!

Those months leading to move-in day can be exciting and overwhelming and will definitely be bringing up all kinds of emotions. If you are becoming an empty nester multiply that by 100. I found great comfort in knowing what to expect from family members and friends graciously willing to show me the ropes. Now, it’s my turn to share what I’ve learned with you. Click here or scroll below for topics.

High School:

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Applying To College

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Empty Nest:

Hurray! You’re Now An Empty Nester

Just When You Get Used To The Empty Nest, They Come Home To Visit

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