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What To Put In A Care Package 2.0

When I first wrote this, I left out suggestions for what to send boys. Oops. So, I’ve added a few new items to the list. Also, did I mention that I save boxes from when the friendly UPS and FedEx men make their deliveries. (Online shopping in my pj’s is fun.) Yep, I’ve got a […]

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Summer Lovin’ (Had Me A Blast)

Music has a way of moving me and bringing back the most heartfelt memories, much like taste and smell. The scent of Coppertone takes me back to when I was a child. (Best. Smell. Ever.) Some butter-cream frostings have the same affect on me too. Anyone familiar with Hansen’s Cakes in L.A. knows what I’m […]

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10 Best Tips For Travel & Life

Summer is a very special time in my home now that both kids are in college. For nine months they live across the country and I parent from afar. But summer brings them back to me and those three months of having a full house again, and being back in fully-mommy-mode, are sweet bliss even […]

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How To Buy A Bathing Suit Without Crying

Bathing suit shopping isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves nudity, bad lighting, and the awareness of your every flaw. But I’ve found a few tricks to making bathing suit shopping less painful. Go to your nearest department store, I usually prefer Bloomingdale’s, a day (or two, at most) before you need the bathing […]

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10 Songs That Will Put You In A Relaxed Mood

Looking for some new tunes to put you in a relaxing vacation mood? Look no further. Here’s my list of music that soothes my soul. Any one of these songs instantly puts me in vacation mode and melts the stress away. I can almost smell the ocean breeze and feel the gentle ocean lapping at […]

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Vegas Baby!

Like every family we have our rituals. The summer is no exception. Just about every 4th of July we go to Sin City for fun and fireworks. That’s right. Las Vegas, Baby! We’ve been going since the kids were in preschool. Now I know, Las Vegas might be the last place you’d think to take […]

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Summer Camp- It’s Not All Fun and S’mores

As the baby of three, I grew up watching my older brother and sister hop on the big yellow bus for day camp almost every summer morning, right outside our front gate. Mom would blow them a kiss and yell with a cheerful smile, “Watch out for the bees!”, while I waved excitedly and smushed […]

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Hot Fun In The Summertime

I have such warm wonderful memories of my summers as a child: Pool parties, BBQ’s, long lazy days and nights, sleeping late, sleepovers in the middle of the week, no homework, my birthdays. As a kid I wished it were summer all year round. Sometimes I still do, so it’s important to me that my […]

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10 Things I Learned on Vacation Last Week:

When I go on vacation, it feels like my home life freezes and time stands still. The only things that matter are, A) I survived the plane flight, B) I’m with my family, and C) I’m some place warm and sunny, or at least has good shopping. I always go with the lofty notion that […]

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