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Tips For Making A Fabulous Holiday Dinner

I’m not gonna lie, while the thought of entertaining excites me, it also gives me hives. I grew up with a mom who enjoyed entertaining and did a marvelous job of it, but was on razor’s edge during the entire process. She wanted everything to be perfect and her brood out of the way. I […]

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Naughty Brownies

When Mini-me and I feel like baking rest assured it is always something chocolatey. Occasionally, we will email each other recipes to save for when she comes home from college and we have our bake-a-thon. You can imagine my delight when she sent me the recipe for the most decadently delicious chocolate brownies I have […]

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Grandma’s Noodle Kugel

My mom is a wonderful cook who inherited all of her culinary skills from her mother. I, unfortunately, take after my father’s mother, who could burn water and was the reason my father preferred his steak “well done.” I can’t seem to cook a meal without the fire department arriving at our door. (Tip for […]

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Amazingly Delicious Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s important to know one’s limitations. I have very little skill in the kitchen. Clearly, not why my husband married me. So when my daughter, Mini-Me, found this easy recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that has very few ingredients, and from start to finish takes less than fifteen minutes, she had my attention. I’ve […]

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Throwback Thursday: Got Milk?

Digging around in my closet I found this… My thermos circa 1970s. Oh, how I loved this. Imagine I saved this and not my Barbie collection (probably worth a fortune!). I can almost smell the chocolate milk. My favorite part of lunch in those days. Yes, I was a flower child, and the first girl […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Roundup: Let The Fun Begin

It’s been a busy week my friends. Summer has officially started in our home now that Mini-Me has finished her first year of college (Didn’t we just drop her off??) and my empty nest status is on hiatus until the end of August. Re-entry into “mommy-mode” didn’t take but a day or so for me […]

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How To Clean Up The Holiday Madness

I only write about products that I use and love. So, when Method reached out to me, I was delighted to be able to shout from the rooftop (or online equivalent) about how much I adore their products. For years I’ve been using their hand and dish washing soaps, which come in eye-catching colors, shapely […]

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How To Keep Your Smart Phone & iPad Free Of Sticky Fingers

Sticky fingers aren’t always on small hands. If you’re anything like me and can’t seem to keep your hands off your Smart Phone and/or iPad while working in the kitchen, putting on makeup, getting crafty with glue or impatiently waiting for your mani to dry, but want to keep your high tech gadget clean, cover […]

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