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12 Most Sensible Things You Can Do For Better Looking Skin

My obsession with beauty and skin care came to fruition while watching my mom wash with this and slather with that. I could watch her for hours — the primping, the preening — fascinated by the transformation and careful attention to detail. So began my love affair with beauty. Many years have past, but my […]

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Aging Gracefully? Not On My Watch!

In a few short months I have a birthday coming up. No, it’s not the big one. But, I’m getting so close I can almost feel it’s hot breath whispering in my ear. I am holding onto my 40’s by a thread. When the day comes that I do turn 50 – I mean 49+1 […]

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Wordless Wednesday: The Mothership

While in NYC I came upon the Mothership. It was magical. I felt slimmer just looking at it.       Subscribe to Blog Via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email: ~Linda the Carpool Goddess

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Why Moms Would Make Great Bond Girls

Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig. I’ve been besotted by them ever since I heard them purr, “Bond. James Bond.” I’m a sucker for men with British accents. And men who look good in tuxedos. What’s not to like? Bonds are like wild, exotic animals. Elusive, dangerous, powerful, elegant…sexy. One kiss from them […]

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8 Reasons Why I No Longer Jog

On my blissful morning walk, I gazed at a young runner and thought wistfully, that used to be me. Young. And able to run. Don’t get me wrong, if the house were on fire (heaven forbid) or I wanted to beat the crowd to get to the front of the line at Sprinkles Cupcakes, I […]

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Holiday Gift Guide $25 and Under

  Welcome to my first Holiday Gift Guide! I had so much fun picking out these gifts. Happy shopping :)  1. Animal Slipper Socks $16.00, 2. Magic Wallet $22.50, 3. Retro Bike Glasses $16.95, 4. Capelli Women’s Rain Boots $24.99, 5. Eiffel Tower Bottle Opener $2.99, 6. Carpool Goddess Tote, 7. Mr. & Mrs. Luggage […]

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Fifty Shades Of Grey, And Not The Good Kind

When I think of Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m not thinking of the mouth wateringly naughty best seller; the one I just couldn’t put down. I’m referring to the ever burgeoning growth of silver on the top of my head. I blame it on my father. You see, I inherited many good things from him; […]

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