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Two Graduations, A Book, And The Freshman 15

It might seem like I’ve been quiet around here, but I’ve actually been as busy as an ant at a picnic. This is what I’ve been up to … I got a master’s degree! Yippie! And I wore what felt like an academic superhero outfit – complete with cape, cap and tassel. It was a […]

Change Is Good

Change is good. Words I never thought I’d say. I’m not saying I am averse to change, I’m saying just the thought of change – of any kind – used to give me the heebie-jeebies. Routine is predictable. Routine feels good. Routine is a nice warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Don’t get me wrong, […]

College & Empty Nest

The New Kid In Class

At the end of this summer, when all the cute little kiddies toting lunch boxes and backpacks went back to school, and parents of college students bid their tearful goodbyes, someone else went back to school. Someone older. Someone SO MUCH OLDER… ME! You heard right. Careful what you wish for… For nearly two decades […]

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Parenting & Mom Confessions

I Like Routines, I Cannot Lie

When you’ve spent as much time on this earth as I have you learn a few things about yourself. Not only am I at the “comfortable-shoe” stage of my life – which means I’ve accumulated a certain amount of wisdom, crow’s-feet and perimenupuasal pounds – but I’ve discovered something I never knew about myself during […]

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

Pace yourself, honey…I whisper to myself like I’m running a marathon. But at this moment I don’t know a thing about pacing myself. My breath is sputtering, my legs are wobbling and I’m just trying to find the energy to make it to the finish line. I’m just four weeks from finishing my graduate program and […]

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Midlife Musings

There’s A First Time For Everything

There haven’t been many times I’ve come in first place. In fact, I’m pretty sure my older siblings let me win at our backyard relay races and the millions of times we played Go Fish. But other firsts are equally exciting. In fact our childhoods and young adult lives are brimming with “first times” and […]

High School: It Was More Than Just Braces And Big Hair

My 35th high school reunion is coming up next year (gulp!), so when reached out to me to try out their site and write about my experience I jumped at the chance, because I’m nothing if not sentimental. I hopped online and within seconds created a profile and my high school yearbook magically appeared […]

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Books on my Nightstand

The (Almost) Spring Fling Book Bonanza

It might feel like winter where you are, but if you’re in Southern California, like me, it feels like spring! (Sorry east coast friends!) If you’re looking for some good books to read, have no fear – the spring fling book bonanza is here. A mix of light (family, humor, marriage, romance) and heavy (surviving […]

Summer Reading List 2015

Now that my favorite TV shows are on summer break it’s the perfect time for me to catch up on my reading. I’m not sure if I’ll get through my entire list because of the pull of sunshine, kids, and no homework, but it’s worth a try. So grab your iced cold lemonade or chilly […]

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Living Out Loud In My Second Half: I’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Learning to live out loud in my second half wasn’t originally my goal, but it happened anyway. I pretty much spent a lifetime fluffing the pillows in my cushy comfort zone. But all that changed four years ago when I took a chance as the empty nest began to creep up on me. Fueled by […]

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