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Preparing Your Kids For College Is Not A Feat For The Faint Of Heart

When I began blogging six years ago I never would have believed that one day my writing would be featured on one of my favorite parenting blogs: The Washington Post’s On Parenting. It is an honor and a dream come true to see my name on the page. (I’m still pinching myself!) Parents of soon-to-be […]

College & Empty Nest

15 Things I Miss Most Now That My Kids Are Grown

Looking at all the first day of school photos and precious holiday photos posted on Facebook and Instagram last fall, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for my kids’ younger years. Seeing the first few photos of smiling faces at the bus stop, in front of school, a menorah or a tree, I find myself […]

Freshman Drop Off Is Not The Real Goodbye

If you think freshman drop off was hard, think again. All those Bed, Bath & Beyond runs and pillow fluffing were child’s play. That’s right, the big shebang isn’t at drop off, it comes later. At least four years later. When their comings and goings don’t lead them back home again, but to jobs and […]

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Parenting & Mom Confessions

My Biggest Parenting Mistake Is One I Still Struggle With

The biggest of the parenting mistakes I made during my first year of motherhood is the same one I struggle with 20 years later. I am too rigid, too uptight. In fact, I’m so tightly wound I’m wondering when a spring might literally pop out of my head.

It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

My favorite magazines as a young girl were, of course, Tiger Beat, with all the latest heartthrobs, and Cosmopolitan, with their racy covers. Most of my allowance went towards purchasing these magazines, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and lip-gloss. I eventually outgrew Tiger Beat, but Cosmo remained a staple for a long time. (Reese’s and lip […]

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Midlife Musings

Colonoscopies Are Not For Sissies

Did you know March is National Colon Cancer Awareness month? I had a colonoscopy this morning. Yes, I am writing this in a semi-twilight induced haze, but don’t worry, I will spare you the unsavory details, but it did make trying to come up with an appropriate title a struggle. (Possible titles: Thunder From Down […]

Life Lessons From Judge Judy

I recently had the opportunity to hear Judge Judy speak at a women’s event. I admit, I don’t watch The Judge Judy show which has been on air for 20 years, but I heard she is quite the character and a dynamic speaker, so I was eager to go. She did not disappoint. I left […]

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Books on my Nightstand

The (Almost) Spring Fling Book Bonanza

It might feel like winter where you are, but if you’re in Southern California, like me, it feels like spring! (Sorry east coast friends!) If you’re looking for some good books to read, have no fear – the spring fling book bonanza is here. A mix of light (family, humor, marriage, romance) and heavy (surviving […]

Summer Reading List 2015

Now that my favorite TV shows are on summer break it’s the perfect time for me to catch up on my reading. I’m not sure if I’ll get through my entire list because of the pull of sunshine, kids, and no homework, but it’s worth a try. So grab your iced cold lemonade or chilly […]

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Living Out Loud In My Second Half: I’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Learning to live out loud in my second half wasn’t originally my goal, but it happened anyway. I pretty much spent a lifetime fluffing the pillows in my cushy comfort zone. But all that changed four years ago when I took a chance as the empty nest began to creep up on me. Fueled by […]

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